New morale counters from the Battle Counters product.

We felt the current morale rules in the original The Face of Battle WWII created too many counters and was a somewhat an overkill to what we were trying to achieve. In the Face of Modern Battle the morale rules were changed. Here we look at what was changed and why. Also, for those that have not purchased the modern rules, we offer the new morale section for download.

Under the new morale rules, there is no RA action or number for a leader any more. A leader can remove only one counter per action or leadership card, regardless of the level of morale failure. In one way it is a little more powerful that any leader can remove any morale level. But in other ways it is not. For example, a leader cannot spread this removal across different soldiers on a single action or leadership card.

We removed a bunch of modifiers from the QRS that just clutter up the chart and were rarely used. Do you need to always see the heavy rain modifier, or snow modifier, etc. When a scenario calls for that type of weather, everyone will get the modifier and it will be easy to remember. So why place it on a table for that 1 in 30 scenario. All the modifiers still apply, btw, even if they are not listed.

If you want to use the old QRS, you can change the morale results to match the new QRS. The ranges did not change. After playing a while, you will find the 20% of modifiers are used only 80% of the time. The rest are used for that rare scenario (e.g. weather, night).

Questions and Answers
A few questions regarding the improvements to the morale mechanics.

Q: Will some NCO's and CO's still have multiple recovery actions? From the example on page B17 it sounds like the officer has only one recovery action. So, if that officer had two recovery actions, could he have restored both of the broken soldiers to good order?

A: NCO's and CO's will not have a RA rating anymore. They simply can remove any morale affect on a leadership card or their soldier card. That removes that entire RA rule which over complicated things. So, it will take one action to remove the hesitate counter and one action to remove the broken result.

Q: If a soldier is both broken and hesitating, will it take two recovery actions to restore him to good order?

A: Yes.

Q: In the other Morale Examples box on page B17, it looks to me like the soldier and the officer should NOT get the -10 modifier for being within one inch of a GOOD ORDER friendly figure.

A: That is correct.
New Morale
Description File Name Source Size [kb]
TFoB New Morale V1.2 - Oct 2004. These new morale rules replace the morale rules in TFoB WWII and are the official new rules. TFoBNewMoraleV1.2.200410.pdf Web 1705
TFoB New QRS #3 V1.1 - October 2004. The new QRS #3 for use with the new morale rules. TFoBNewQRS3V1.1.200410.pdf Web 49
TFoB New QRS #4 V1.1 - October 2004. The new QRS #4 for use with the new morale rules. TFoBNewQRS4V1.1.200410.pdf Web 46