FBH015 - The Maleme Airfield

Maleme Airfield, Crete, May 20th, 1941, 0910 hrs
The success of the Crete invasion hinged on the taking of the three airfields. No other action on the island would equal the attack on Maleme airfield. For an hour the defenders were attacked by German fighters and fighter-bombers. Dust and smoke caused confusion to the ground forces. At 0815 hrs the first gliders began to land. Gliders landed to the west, south and east of the airfield. Their mission, destroy the anti-aircraft defences. To support the glider forces, paratroopers would drop from heights of 300 to 600 feet from Junkers Ju52. The 1st Glider Detachment commanded by Oberleutnant Wulf von Plessen attacked with 108 men in 14 Gliders. Their objective, land at the mouth of the river Tavronitis and neutralise the AA positions. Lt. Sinclair was in the area accessing the defences and immediately took action against the attackers. The battle at Maleme Airfield would be the battle for Crete.

The Maleme airfield burns.
FBH015 Scenario
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FBH015 - The Maleme Airfield
The battle for Maleme Airfield on the Island of Crete. Part III of a mini-campaign from the VC Expansion Pack.
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