This scenario was first played at CanGames 2006. It involves two tables: one that contains the sewer system and one that contains the above ground rail yard. Eight players running 4 German and 4 Russian squads battle above and below Stalingrad. Three squads from each team start in the sewer, while the fourth squad begins on the surface. Numerous sewer tunnels connect the surface to the catacombs below.

Scattered throughout the sewers are access tunnels to the surface. Sewer units can advance to the surface while surface units may dare to enter the tunnels below.

A very exciting game as players can move their forces through the sewers while avoiding the deadly fire lanes above. Or quickly dash across open ground then disappear down the sewer holes.

The objective of the game was to take the main rail building in the middle of the above ground table.

Note: This scenario will be part of a new Stalingrad Scenario Book (release date TBD).

Stalingrad, Russia, October 19th, 1942

Historical Background

In October, 1942, the German Sixth Army launched their massive attack on the factory district in northern Stalingrad. During this time only the tough leadership and courage of the Soviet 62nd Army would keep the defenders hanging on. Players fight on two levels in the streets and sewers of Stalingrad.

Sewer Map

Below is the sewer map. layers must roll randomly to see where the enter. The circled numbers indicate which pre-built 1' x 1' sewer module to use.

Picture #1

Surface players discuss strategy. Note the objective (main building) in the middle.

Picture #2

Surface players move their units. German player is to the left. The German player readies their IF Gun 75mm while the Russian player positions their sniper.

Picture #3

A look at the sewer system. Note the long water area running basically the length of the table.

Picture #4

A closer look at the rail yard. The main rail building is still standing, but the buildings surrounding the yard are in ruins.

Picture #5

Another look at the railyard. Note the sewer table to the left behind the surface players.

Picture #6

The sewer system table.

Picture #7

More of the sewer system

Pictures #8 and #9

Here is a close up of module #10. Each sewer module is 1' x 1'. The tunnels themselves are not to scale since we have to be able to place our hand into the tunnels to move the figures. The walls are 2" high created by using two 1" solid foam insulation. Currently the floor is painting brown with black walls and ceiling. More tunnel detailing can be added later.

Pictures #10 and #11

Here is a close up of module #8. A small room was created to break line-of-sight and add some nice detail to the sewer system. Here we have a outlet pipe dumping waste. Each module is geomorphic allowing for an endless combination of sewer layouts.

Pictures #12, #13, #14 and #15

Here is a close up of module #4 (entrance 2). This is an access tunnel leading from the Volga river into the sewer system. It is also a starting spot to one of the squads.