Counters sheets I to V and unit identification sheets I and II. These files are provided for the customers who want to print their own counters. Print using a colour printer on 80lb or 65lb white card stock paper. Or, print onto an Avery single-sheet label paper and stick to cardboard. Each counter sheet contains 280 0.5" x 0.5" counters.
Description File Name Source Size [kb]
Counter sheet #1. CounterSheet1.pdf TFoB 24
Counter sheet #2. CounterSheet2.pdf TFoB 284
Counter sheet #3. CounterSheet3.pdf TFoB 1580
Counter sheet #4. CounterSheet4.pdf TFoB 190
Counter sheet #5. CounterSheet5.pdf TFoB 26
Unit identification sheet #1. SquadUnitIdentification1.pdf TFoB 61
Unit identification sheet #2. VehicleUnitIdentification2.pdf TFoB 54