These are all the cards included in the Full Edition. The files are provided for customers who want to print their own cards. Print using a laser or inkjet printer on 80lb or 65lb white card stock paper, or print onto an Avery single-sheet label paper and stick to cardboard. Another method is to stick each card to a regular playing card. Each card sheet contains 15 2.0" x 2.5" cards.
Description File Name Source Size [kb]
Allied card back. AlliedBack.pdf TFoB 2088
Axis card back. AxisBack.pdf TFoB 2985
Buffer (No Action) card. Buffer.pdf TFoB 11
Commanding Officer leadership card. COLeadership.pdf TFoB 1139
Non-Commissioned Officer leadership card. NCOLeadership.pdf TFoB 1043
Commander and Hero card. CommanderHero.pdf TFoB 808
Vehicle crew card. Crew.pdf TFoB 18
Vehicle, blank and mass move cards. VehicleBlankMassMove.pdf TFoB 971
Soldier card. Soldier.pdf TFoB 1192
Event card. Event.pdf TFoB 30
Special card. Special.pdf TFoB 20
Normal turn card. For keeping track of the current turn number. TurnNormal.pdf TFoB 16
Special turn card. For keeping track of the current turn number. TurnSpecial.pdf TFoB 20