25mm ground scale is 1" = 1.6 meters. These files are provided for the customers who want to print their own reference sheets. Print on 80lb or 65lb white card stock paper. Print the explosion and grenade templates on overhead transparency sheets (acetate).
25mm and 28mm Support Files
Description File Name Source Size [kb]
25mm movement card [front]. MovementCardFront25mm.pdf TFoB 73
25mm movement card [back]. MovementCardBack25mm.pdf TFoB 43
25mm grenade toss template. GrenadeTossTemplate25mm.pdf TFoB 27
25mm explosion template. ExplosionTemplate25mm.pdf TFoB 26
25mm standard smoke grenade templates. SmokeTemplate25mm.pdf TFoB 70
25mm firearm and grenade ranges. All TFoB ranges are multiplied by 1.25. FirearmGrenade25mm.pdf Web 70