Wargaming Links
Site Description
1.72nd Scale Museum
  • Lots of nice pictures of 1/72nd models. Good inspiration.
Canadian Wargames Group
  • WWII scenarios books and rules
  • Good Canadian WW2 information
  • War of 1812 rules
  • Historical and wargaming magazines online
Military Miniatures Magazine
  • Great source of models, miniatures and historical information. Recommended.
The Miniatures Page
  • The source for miniatures news, resources, forums, gossip, retailers and distributors of miniatures and miniatures rules. For all periods and genres.
Mr. Kipling's Workshop
  • Great site with lots of useful model and miniature related information. Lots of Canadian related news and reviews.
Plastic Soldier Review
  • Good site reviewing all things plastic (Revell, ESCI, Italeri, Airfix, etc). With lots of pictures and notes.
Skirmish Campaigns
  • Skirmish scenario and campaign books
  • Includes conversion tables for The Face of Battle
  • Books released: Minsk 1941, Norway 1940, France 1940 and Poland 1939 and more...
  • Very good stuff!
The Miniatures Atlas
  • Searchable database of (almost) every figure produced in the world. Query by manufacturer, nationality, scale, period, and more.
War Flag
  • War Flag has WW2 (and more) flags and posters that you can download and print.
Wargame dot Com
  • A general wargaming site...
The Web Grognard
  • The site for wargames on the web.