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1.72nd Scale Museum
  • Lots of nice pictures of 1/72nd models. Good inspiration.
  • Very nice site dedicated to great 20mm pictures.
1700's Skirmish Figures
Site Description
Irregular Miniatures
  • Infantry: British, French, Rangers, Native
  • Last of the Mohicans
  • French and Indian War
1800's Skirmish Figures
Site Description
Irregular Miniatures
  • War of 1812
  • ACW
  • Plains Indian Wars
  • Cowboys
  • ACW
  • Riel Rebellion
  • Plains Indians
WWI Skirmish Figures
Site Description
B & B
  • British, Turkey, Arab and German East Africa Infantry
  • Infantry: British, French, German
  • Horses and Artillery
IT Miniatures
  • Infantry: German, British, Russian French
Irregular Miniatures
  • Infantry: German, Belgian, Austrian, French, British, Turkish, Russian
Platoon 20
  • Infantry: German, British, Belgian, Austrian, French, Russian
  • Vehicles: French, British, Russian, German, American
WWII Skirmish Figures
Site Description
AB Figures
  • 1.76 Scale
  • Infantry: British, American, German, Early French, Russian, Italian
  • Tank Crews and Riders
  • Vehicles
Arsenal Miniatures
  • Infantry: American, Japanese
Armaments in Miniature
  • Large Selection of 20mm Aircraft
  • Vehicles and conversion kits
  • Infantry: Belgian, Slovak, Hungarians, Italian, Russian, British
  • Spanish Civil War
B & B
  • Infantry: British, Russian, German and American
  • Partisans
  • Infantry: Blitz (early war) Russian, German, American, French, British
  • Infantry: Battlefield (late war) Russian, German, American, French, British, Italian, Japanese
BP Cast
  • Infantry: Russian, German, American, French, British, Italian, Japanese
  • Vehicles
  • Infantry: Russian, German, American, British, Italian, Japanese
  • War in the Pacific
  • Partisans
  • Vehicles
  • Boats and Landing Crafts
  • Infantry: Russian, German, American, British, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian
CP Models
  • 1944-45 Fallschirmjager
  • 1944-45 Waffen SS
  • 1944-45 Wehrmacht Heer
  • Italian
  • Finnish
  • Italian Resistance
  • Red Army
  • US Army
  • Civilians
  • Vehicles: British, Canadian, American, French, German, Russian, Belgian, Rumanian, Hungarian, Japanese Resin Vehicles
  • Infantry: British, French, German, Italian, Russian
  • Free French Foreign Legion
  • Winter Finnish Infantry
Fantassin Miniaturas
  • 1.72nd Infantry
Figures Armor Artillery
  • Infantry: British, Dutch, Belgian, Japanense, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, French, German, Italian, Russian, American
  • Vehicles: British, French, Belgian, German, Polish, Russian
  • Vehicles: German, Japanese, British, French, Polish, Italian, Belgian, Russian, American
  • Landing Craft
  • Gliders
Henk of Holland
  • Lots of 1.72nd and 1.76th Models
  • Giesbers makes excellent Vehicles
HäT Industrie
  • Infantry: Plastic German, Russian, American
  • Vehicles: Plastic German, Russian, American
IT Miniatures
  • Infantry: Afrika Corp, Italian, Russian, Rumanian, Yugoslavian, Finish, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanes, British, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, American, Indian, German, French
Irregular Miniatures
  • Infantry: German, Russian, American
  • Civilians
  • Spanish Civil War
  • WWII Infantry
  • Vehicles: British, Russian, American, German, French
Minimi Miniatures
  • Vehicles: German, British, Russian, American
  • Anti-Tank Guns
Platoon 20
  • Infantry: British, German, American, Russian, Italian, Japanese
  • Infantry: American, British, German, Italian, Russian
  • Vehicles: British, American, French, German, Italian
  • Infantry: British, American, German, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Japanese
  • Vehicles: (Ready-To-Roll Vehicles) British, German, American
Red Star Models
  • Vehicles: Polish, Russian
Reiver 20's
  • Korean War
  • Infantry: German, British, USA, Italian Partisans
  • Vehicles: French, British, Russian, Italian, German
  • Finnish Winter War
S and S Models
  • UK, USA, Russian, German Vehicles
  • Gun Crews and Guns
Sgt. Major’s Miniatures
  • Infantry: American Marines, American Europe, Japanese
  • Infantry: British, German, Russian, American, French, Polish, Dutch, Belgian, Japanese
  • Vehicles: British, German, Russian, American, French, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Belgian, Japanese
  • Partisans
  • Infantry: American, German
  • Vehicles: American
Tracks and Troops
  • Specializing in 1.72nd and 1.76th Scale Models
Under The Bed
  • Anti-Tank Guns: British, American, French, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese
Wargames Foundry
  • Infantry: Limited availability, check the Web Site.
Vietnam Skirmish Figures
Site Description
  • American, VC and NVA Infantry
  • Vietnam Vehicles
  • Helicopter Crews
  • Boats
Liberation Miniatures
  • French Forces Indo China
  • Vietminh
  • VC, NVA Infantry
  • ARVN Infantry
  • American and Australian Infantry
Platoon 20
  • Infantry: French Indo-China, Vietminh, ARVN, Australian, American
  • Infantry: American, VC, NVA
  • Vehicles
  • Infantry: American Marines, American Special Forces, ARVN, VC
  • Vehicles: M113, Helicopters
Modern Skirmish Figures
Site Description
Arsenal Miniatures
  • Arab Israeli War
  • War on Terror
  • Falklands War
  • 80's US Army
  • Russian and Afghan War
  • Gulf War
  • Yom Kippur War
  • Vehicles: British, American, Iraqi, Russian, Israeli
Figures Armor Artillery
  • Falklands War Infantry
  • Russian Vehicles
Irregular Miniatures
  • Infantry: African Irregulars
Liberation Miniatures
  • Large selection of post 1950 figure lines
  • US Army and Marines
  • US Special Forces
  • African
  • Israeli Armed Forces
  • Canadian Forces
  • British Forces
  • Russian Forces
  • Al Qaeda Forces
  • Afghan... and more
Platoon 20
  • Infantry: Afghans, Falklands, British, American, Russian, Iraqi, Israeli
  • Infantry: Russian, Chinese
S and S Models
  • UK, USA, Russian, 3rd World, French Vehicles
  • Gun Crews
  • Gulf War: British Iraqi
  • AFV: British, Russian, American, Israeli
  • Support Equipment
  • Modern Crews
Urban Skirmish Figures
Site Description
  • Riot Police, SWAT
Irregular Miniatures
  • Civilians