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All American
United States Expansion Pack
The Face of Battle
Author: Michael E. Ball
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Paperback; Binding: lose, 3 and 5 hole punched; October 2002; Pages 138; Weight: 440 grams
ISBN: 0-9734018-2-6

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  • Reviewed in The Courier #88 - Recommended
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About This Book

All American is the second expansion pack for The Face of Battle WW2 Skirmish rules. The United States Expansion Pack includes new rules for the American Army in World War II. The pack includes 8 detailed scenarios, 1 mini-campaign game (Normandy Airborne), all American vehicles from every theatre of operation are listed, complete equipment lists, TO&E, new cards, new events, and more.

The expansion includes chapter H Paratrooper rules, chapter U United States, 8 scenarios, 1 mini-campaign, new smoke templates, new cards, weapon and ordnance data, over 70 vehicles, equipment lists, TO&E, a tournament scenario with tournament rules and much more.

Period: WW2, all theatres, 1939 - 1945
Scope: skirmish, squad level
Figure Scale: 15mm to 28mm, 1 to 1 scale
Figure Basing: individually based figures
Ground Scale: 1" = 2 metres
What's Inside

  • Chapter H Paratroopers
  • Chapter U United States Army
  • 8 scenarios
  • 1 mini-campaign (Normandy Airborne)
  • 1 tournament scenario with tournament rules
  • 70 vehicle descriptions
  • American equipment lists
  • American TO&E
  • new medic cards
  • new event cards
  • new paratrooper cards
  • 5" smoke templates
  • new simplified QRS #3
  • French R35 tank
  • 3 hole punched for North America Binder
  • 5 hole punched for A4 Binder
  • and more...

Little Groups of Paratroopers
The D-Day objectives for the 101st Airborne and 82nd Airborne were to secure bridges, causeways, destroy coastal batteries, provide defensive positions, secure towns and capture locks. The paratroopers were also assigned to protect glider landing zones. Some 13,000 men dropped those early hours of D-Day in six main drop zones. Only 20% were on target. As a result of these scattered drops, Little Groups of Paratroopers (LGOP) were formed. The Commander's instructions for the LGOP "March to the sound of the guns and kill anyone who is not dressed like you..."
Thunder Flash
On June 6th, the men of Able Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Regiment, started for their objective. Having landing 20km's from their target of Angoville-au-Plain, the task of reaching their main force would be difficult. Immediately the men came upon German forces near the town of Ravenoville. A fire-fight at a small farm outside the town would be the first of many skirmishes for these men.
The Unexpected Party
One of the objectives of the 1st Battalion, 506th Regiment was to secure a second bridge across the Mederet River. The bridge was vital in securing the road between Ste Mère-Eglise and the western Contentin, eventually to be used by the advancing 4th Infantry Division. On the eastern end of the bridge a farm complex called le Manoir provided an excellent stronghold for the German forces. The farm must be taken.
A Good Day to Fight
At the other end of the bridge at Le Manoir, elements of the 2nd Battalion, 507th Parachute Regiment were setting up position. The objective was to secure the town of Cauquigny. Lieutenant Louis Levy to take a small group of men and set up defences around the Cauquigny church. As soon as Levy's men were in position, tanks and infantry from the village began their assault on the bridge. Can the Paratroopers hold against an armoured assault?
Little Round Top
The 505th was tasked with providing a roadblock at Neuville-au-Plain on Route nationale 13. Neuville was a hamlet surrounded by orchards and bocage, an excellent place to set up a defence. Within twenty minutes of arriving at the hamlet, elements of the 1058th Grenadier Regiment arrived and the two forces engaged each other. German armour advances on hidden units of the 505th PIR.
To Save A Few
Lieutenant Turner Turnbull was ordered to set up a roadblock at Neuville on Route nationale 13 north of Ste. Mère-Eglise. For the rest of the morning the men of 2/505th Parachute Regiment held out against an ever increasing enemy force. The situation would soon change for the paratroopers. After a few hours the Germans had managed to surround the defenders. Lieutenant Turnbull had little choice - he must escape. But where?
To Lead By Example
The final D-Day objective the 502nd Parachute was to take a German artillery barracks at les Mezieres, near St Martin de Varreville. The code name for the task was WXYZ. As Sergeant Summers prepared his men to attack the buildings, he detected a general lack of enthusiasm. Determined to carry out his orders, Summers decided to charge the facility himself - hoping to inspire his men.
The Forest of Hell
The objective of the 22nd Regiment on November 25th, 1944 was to take the village of Grosshau in the Hürtgun Forest. A small Task Force was to attack from the south. Under the impression the village was lightly defended, the combined attack of armour and infantry were to break through into the village. Major Kemp ordered the attack to begin at 1145 hrs, some 3 hours behind schedule. Unfortunately the delay allowed the Germans to situate their defences northward. A very exciting close action game.
The Secret Army
In 1940, Winston Churchill created the Special Operations Executive. The goal was "to set Europe ablaze!" through Partisan activities. A plane carrying five of the most highly coveted Spies of the SOE was shot down over the French border. The Spies managed to parachute into the French countryside. Your mission is to track down and find these five heroes of the French Resistance. Their fate is in your hands. An exciting tournament scenario.