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The Hill Battles, Khe Sanh, Vietnam: 1967
Skirmish Scenario Book
The Face of Battle
Author: Michael E. Ball
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Paperback; Binding: lose, 3 and 5 hole punched; November 2004; Pages 112; Weight: 400 grams

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About This Book

During April 24 - May 11, 1967, the 3rd Marines battle NVA forces around Khe Sanh! During the spring of 1967, the "First Battle of Khe Sanh" or "The Hill Fights" took place. In extremely bitter fighting with North Vietnamese troops, the 3rd Marines cleared Hills 881S, 881N, and 861 overlooking Khe Sanh Combat Base. This is the first scenario book for The Face of Battle. The book contains 12 detailed scenarios, maps of Khe Sanh and the surrounding area, timelime, weapon data for numerous Marine and NVA firearms, grenades and ordnance, the M50 Ontos, and more. Many scenarios include optional forces for maximum re-playability.

This book is compatible with numerous skirmish rules including: Face of Modern Battle, Free Fire Zone, Charlie Company, Battleground WW2: Vietnam, Arc of Fire, Crossfire: Vietnam, Bodycount, Fire Team Vietnam, Dogs of War, and more...

The scenarios are ideal for 15mm to 28mm individually-based figures. All maps, weapon data, templates and ordnance data are provided in 3 scale ranges; 15mm, 20mm and 25/28mm.

Period: Vietnam War, Quang Tri Province, 1967
Scope: skirmish, squad level
Figure Scale: 15mm to 28mm, 1 to 1 scale
Figure Basing: individually based figures
Ground Scale: 1" = 2 metres
What's Inside

  • 6 Maps of Khe Sanh and surrounding Area
  • Khe Sanh Timeline
  • 12 Scenarios
  • Squad Reference Sheets for each scenario and force
  • M50 Ontos Vehicle Data Sheet
  • M40A2 Recoilless Rifle in detail including Beehive rounds
  • M79 Beehive round
  • Complete Marine Weapon Data: M16, M14, M79, M60, Shotguns and more
  • Complete NVA Weapon Data: AK47, SKS, RPD, and more
  • 3 hole punched for North America Binder
  • 5 hole punched for A4 Binder
  • and more...

No Time for Coffee
During the fall of 1966, the small force at Khe Sanh Combat Base were constantly bumping into NVA patrols. On October 16th, 1966, 3 klicks south of Khe Sanh, elements of Alpha Company encountered NVA near a deserted French Coffee Plantation.
Frequent Voices
Echo's Staff Sergeant was ordered to scout Hill 881S and the trails around Hill 861. While checking his radio, the Sergeant was shocked at what he heard. All frequencies were suddenly filled with NVA chatter. The patrol headed out, never sure when or where they would encounter the enemy.
Into Thin Air
A quick-reaction team is sent by chopper to assist Echo Company. As the Medevac helicopters started to arrive, the NVA began pounding the landing zone with 82mm mortars.
The Hill Battle
A routine patrol. Tagging along was an odd mixture of fire teams, light and medium mortar support and an M50 ONTOS. As the group headed into the jungle a Marine commented, "It is too quiet. There are no noises whatsoever. I figure the enemy is there... Watching."
Carnage on 861
Although the Marines encountered NVA forces on 861 during the previous month, they had largely ignored the hill. Unknown to the Marines, a large NVA force had secretly moved in 861, 881N and 881S. The NVA had planned mutli-pronged attacks on the Marine bases in Quang Tri province.
No Time For Sympathy
On April 30th, 1967, Mike 3/3 were given the task of securing a defensive perimeter around Hill 881S. Suddenly the unit was surrounded. This was a fight to the end!
Lurch and Stop
On the morning of April 29th, 1967, three companies of Marines were given orders to move south of Hill 861. The Company had just been issued the new M16. The poor performance of the weapon added to the frustration of the unit. As the lead platoon approached the knoll, they found Marine helmets, kits, and shot-up weapons. Where was the enemy?
Top of the Draw
At the base of 881S was a draw where Hotel Company were to descend into and then take the opposite hillside. Unknown to the soldiers of Hotel, the NVA had hit Mike 3/9 the previous day in the same area. The draw was narrow and covered in knee-high elephant grass, small bushes and shrubs. As the lead elements of Hotel Company approached the bottom of the draw the Marines felt very exposed.
Before Night Falls
First Platoon of G/2/3 was given the task of assaulting the bunker sitting on top of a very steep incline. The squads slowly advanced up the hill without incident. At the crest the enemy prepared for battle.
Incoming! Incoming!
First and Second platoon of Echo Company encountered NVA forces at the base of hill 881N and were under heavy mortar fire. The forces regrouped to take the mortar positions. As they advanced on the hill, the familiar kathunk sound of mortar fire filled the air.
Break Left Break Right
Echo Company was fighting for their very existence and the situation was rapidly getting worse. Elements of Foxtrot Company were to be flown in to support Echo and destroy the NVA inside the perimeter. F/2/3 were to land at first light.
Lurking Death
Foxtrot Company must proceed into a ravine approaching Hill 778. The enemy is waiting...