First of all, thank you for your interest in playtesting. Developing a book, game or background material is a difficult task. Without the support and efforts of Playtesters, fellow gamers and friends, most products would never hit the store shelf.

Benefits of being a Playtester:
  • Exclusive first access to new books, scenarios, rules and equipment.
  • Your input can directly influence the product.
  • Some fame and glory by having your name printed in the "Thank You" section of the product. This may not really excite many people, but it does give you bragging rights at a convention or local gaming club.

    Why are we requesting Playtesters?
  • Provide an objective 'third-party' review.
  • As part of the Face of Battle philosophy, we always like to "share the wealth." Being a Playtester means you get lots of new information.
  • Give us a chance to talk with book or series fans.

    What Happens when I sign Up for Playesting?
    When a product is being developed, over a period of a few months, Gammazon sends you scenarios, rules and other material for your review. We simply ask you to run the scenario and make notes about things you liked, or more importantly, didn't like. An important point is that all scenarios are not equally balanced, and that some forces may not have similar victory conditions. These notes can include suggestions about:
  • unit placement
  • force composition
  • victory conditions
  • equipment deployed
  • optional forces
  • length of the game
  • number of players
  • equipment statistics

    General Information
    The feedback doesn't have to be formal; a simple e-mail or word document is fine.

    Due to our own internal deadlines, we request a quick turn around (otherwise there is a chance your comments may not be considered). We expect about a 2 week window per scenario. Also, not all Playtesters will receive all material. Please send all feedback via the Internet.

    We cannot pay Playtesters. I am sure no one expected to get paid, but we want to avoid any misconceptions.

    For any reason you have decided to stop Playtesting, please let us know so we can remove you from the list. We reserve the right to remove any Playtester.

    All material will be sent in pdf format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.

    If you have any questions, let us know.

    Good gaming and enjoy!

    Join a Playtesting Team