Making custom The Face of Battle playing cards and decks can be time consuming. An alternate method is to use a standard deck of cards to match the card numbers with your unit identification number.

Inexpensive deck of cards purchased from the Dollar Store

Purchase Card Decks
The above card decks cost $1.00 each at any bargain store. I purchased 6 decks.

Match Your Figures To Cards
Most figures are marked with a unit identification number 1 to 12. This matches the playing cards Ace, 2 through 10, Jack and Queen. Kings and Jokers may be used for leadership cards. I suggest organizing each squad into their own decks to avoid confusion. You could also assign one squad (e.g. A) to be clubs and spades and one squad (e.g. B) to be hearts and diamonds. Or, optionally you can write the prefix letter (e.g. A, B) on each card if you want to make a deck containing more than one squad.

Making A Deck
In the example below, we have three soldiers: 1 NCO and 2 riflemen. Each unit has two soldier cards and the leader has one leadership card. The NCO, A1, is represented by the Ace of clubs and Ace of spades, and his leadership card is a joker. Soldier A2 is represented by the two of clubs and two of spades. Soldier A3 is represented by the three of clubs and three of spades.

A 7-card deck for this small force.

This simple squad example illustrates how easy it is to use regular playing cards to quickly make a deck.