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An Introduction

Faces of Horror (FoH) is a new miniatures game from the designer of The Face of Battle. The game covers all characters, heroes, villains, creatures and monsters from literature and movies over the last few centuries. You can play The Mummy, Dracula, The Werewolf or modern horrors like Jason, Crawlers, or Rage Zombies.

But your title states Ultimate Horror Movie Miniatures Game

Yes. We want to see if you are paying attention. Actually, we couldn't think of a better tagline. The game covers classic monsters from literature and film and new monsters and heroes from modern movies.

What is different between Faces of Horror and Face of Battle

Faces of Horror uses the Face of Battle engine, modified for character-driven scenarios.
Here is a PDF document that lists some of the major changes. ComparingSystems.pdf


The game is designed for 28mm figures. The ground scale equals figure scale.

What is the size of the force?

Players will usually control 4-10 figures.

What is the turn sequence?

Faces of Horror uses cards to determine when a figure may perform an action. FoH is not UGOIGO. If you played TFoB, you will have no problem learning the card system from FoH.

Come on... give me more. I'm a horror fanatic!

Players will use their characters (figures) to act out a script (scenario). Each character is a star, supporting actor, bit-part or extra.

The key to the game is the deck. Each deck contains Star cards, leadership cards, hordes, events, and more. Each player has a deck of cards representing their force. Characters are assigned 1 to 10 Star cards depending on their status, longevity and careers. When a character's Star card is drawn, the character may perform an action (move, shoot, attack, cast a spell).

Characters have several attributes: morale, combat, skill, careers. Like every actor they also have vanity and humility which are special powers and weaknesses.

Terror rules allow for fear, courage, morale, and madness. Characters loose morale through horrific events and may eventually go mad.

Combat covers everything from swords to machineguns, rocket launchers to muskets.

Hand-to-hand combat provides a variety of tactical options and is very detailed. Different weapons have different combat abilities.

Further rules allow for items, encounters, events, prisoners and more.

Points based?

We like to encourage plot driven scripts and a movie-like atmosphere while playing. So the antagonist and his or her allies are usually against a variety of opponents following different plots and goals. But, we do realize the value of good pick-up game or tournament play, so each creature has a point rating called a Q Score.

The game appears to be movie-based

Yes. The game pays homage to the classic horror movies of the 30's to 50's, the psychological terror of the 60's, and the grind-house fun of the 70's. For example, during play a Missing Reel may halt some character's action, characters may suffer flashbacks, or enter dream sequences. This all adds to the fun and excitement.

Need more!

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