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We encourage playtesters to contact us; however, experience has shown that roughly 5% of playtest drafts actually get responses back. Most people get them, read them, say "Cool" and file them away on their hard drives without actually breaking out the parts needed to play. Every now and then, we get commentary from folks who read the rules thoroughly, which is okay - but one "We played and found X problems" outweighs a thousand "I read your game... gee, it is cool".

It's also a simple matter that gaming is a business. As fun and exciting game development can be, we all have to eat. We need to make money to pay for the time spent in developing the game, the resources spent in working with the playtesting and demo teams.

To that aim, there are two conditions to becoming a playtester.

First, you must agree not to redistribute the game. This is, in essence, playing nice with our copyright and the trust we place in you in giving you pre-release material. If we send you a draft, we don't want to see it on Napster or Gnutella or on your web site. Now, printing out a copy of the game to play with your friends is allowed, as is sharing your copy with your friends so they can learn the game.

Second, you provide feedback.

That's it. We trust you will honour our confidentiality and provide timely reports back on the game.

We're looking for a diverse set of gaming groups, but those with the following characteristics will get first considerations:

  • Groups with prior playtest experience.
  • Groups aged 21 and older.
  • Groups that can devote 10+ hours per week to playtesting (16+ preferred). Basically two gaming sessions.
  • Groups that communicate effectively and promptly.
  • Each group will be required to send regular weekly feedback by email.
Interested groups should email us: playtesting@gammazon.com

With the subject "FoH: Playtest Application" and as much detail as possible regarding their previous experience, and how they meet the above characteristics.

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