If you use grenades, mortar or artillery fire in your Face of Battle game, here is an easy method to determine the deviation of the round; scatter dice. Scatter dice replace the scatter template provided in the main Face of Battle rule set

The Face of Battle scatter template.

Players can never roll enough dice. It is fun to roll a deviation dice and somewhat easier than using the scatter template. Below are some simple instructions to create scatter or deviation dice.

Purchase Dice
First, purchase a standard set of 6-sided dice. Five dice sets are available from almost every store for under $2.00.

Inexpensive six-sided dice.

Download and Print
Second, download and print out the dice patterns found below on an Avery Single Sheet #05165. The template contains different sized templates for different sized dice and a variety of arrow styles.

Stick 'em and Roll 'em
Finally, cut out the arrows and stick them to the dice. It really does not matter which direction they are pointing. Make sure you create enough dice for all players. Usually one dice for each player, and a few to spare.

Roll you scatter dice for grenade deviation, mortar misses and artillery landings. The arrow with the circle can be used for direct hits or 'on target'.

Have fun and good gaming.

Scatter Dice!
Scatter Dice Template
Description File Name Source Size [kb]
Scatter Dice scatterdice.jpg Web 300