General Information
A great part of miniatures gaming is the hobby aspect. Although rules are very important, you can't play a game without figures, terrain, buildings, and more! Here we hope to assist the new to veteran gamer in painting figures, flocking bases, building terrain, and other useful hobby-related information.

As shown below, the NVA are moving through the jungle north of Nhi Ha. A lot of attention and detail goes into playing a miniatures game: painting the figures, flocking the bases, building trees, a drop cloth, terrain. So, step into our Hobby Corner and get busy!

Building Scatter Dice
A simple project to crreate your own deviation dice. Useful for grenade tosses, mortar deviations and artillery attacks.
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An Essay on Scales
A quick explanation of miniatures scales. What is 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 1/72nd, 1/76th? This essay may help provide an answer.
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Cardboard Buildings
A selection of stone, brick and stucco buildings for 20-25mm. These jpg's should be printed on a colour printer, cut and glued to cardboard to make realistic buildings.
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Terrain Boards
This section explains in detail how to make foam terrain boards for miniatures gaming.
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