During the initial playtesting of The Face of Battle, I constructed buildings from paper and card stock. I now offer these buildings for all to enjoy. I may add to this line if there is enough interest.

I still use these buildings today. If you happen to play one of my games at a convention, you may see a piece of TFoB history.

These buildings were made with the templates below.

Below are a selection of stone, brick and stucco buildings for 20mm. You can scale them up or down in your favourite software to make 15mm or 28mm buildings. The jpg's should be printed on a colour printer, cut and glued to cardboard to make realistic buildings.
Cardboard Buildings
Description File Name Source Size [kb]
Barn One Barn1.jpg Web 225
Barn Two Barn2.jpg Web 202
Bricks Bricks1.jpg Web 160
Small Building BuildingSmall1.jpg Web 231
Two story building Building2Story1.jpg Web 220
Cottage One Cottage1.jpg Web 212
Cottage Two Cottage2.jpg Web 181
Cottage Three Cottage3.jpg Web 211
Stone Wall StoneWall1.jpg Web 125