A Quick Guide #1

Hmm... so you picked up the rule book but are a little bogged down by the size of the book...
What is the best way to learn the rules (without having someone who already knows them). The rule book can be overwhelming. Keep these points in mind though:
  1. You will probably never use 50-70% of the rules.
  2. Everything is on the charts. The rules are a reference.
  3. The charts have two things about them - they all use the same modifiers (TRS) and they all cap out at a specific value (e.g. hard good cover is 40 or less). Surprisingly it is easy to remember these numbers while playing. If you roll a 63, you will know it is a miss instinctively.
  4. There are no rules within rules. All rules stand alone. You do not need know everything to play. Add rules when required.
  5. The game was designed to be as intuitive as possible. If you think you can run and fire a submachinegun, you probably can. Just go with your instincts.
  6. Keep in mind the rule book has a lot of white space, examples, pictures and is designed to end evenly for each section. So it appears big, but is an "easy" read.
Okay, lets trim some of the fat:
  1. Take all the reference sheets and place them aside except QRS 3/4 and the little movement ruler sheet
  2. Take all the scenarios and place them in a little folder, pile, or away for bed time reading, etc.
  3. Do the same for the sections on German and Russian stuff (P and R). This also makes for good night time reading.
  4. Place sections E, F, G and H away (these are vehicle rules, advanced rules, special rules). Don't read those now.
  5. Place section C aside as well (it is just terrain explained in detail - not really that important right now).
  6. Place all of D aside except for the first couple of pages in Firearm Combat.
  7. Place all of section B aside except for the rules on infantry movement.
  8. Skim section A.
  9. Ignore morale for now.
  10. Ignore stances.
Okay you should be holding one QRS (3/4), a little movement card and about 5 pages. That is the entire game for infantry combat (sans morale). Now read how to move and how to shoot.

Click Here For An Example On How To Use Regular Playing Cards

Place 4 Germans against 4 American/Commonwealth/Russian. Take an old playing card deck. Make two cards for each soldier (write on the card with a felt tipped marker the unit ID of the figure) and place them in a little deck of 8 cards each. Place you figures about 30 inches apart. Draw one card for the Allies and one for the Germans. The figure indicated on the card can basically move or shoot. If they move, look at the little movement ruler. There is a table on it. Normally you move 5 inches. Conveniently, the little movement guide has a ruler down one side and is exactly 5 inches long. Or, you can shoot. If the target is in the open, use column A of the Firearm Resolution Table on chart 3. Apply no modifiers - just 1d100. Ignore morale (M) or courage check (CC) results. KIA or INC the figure is out (BTW, a 50% or less - see, I told you there were obvious values in the tables). Otherwise, a miss. BTW, you will notice that a soldier from each side acts simultaneously. That is okay. Repeat drawing cards until the decks are done. That is one turn. Repeat until one side is all KIA or INC. That is the game.

Add more rules as desired.