Elements of Panzerkorps GrossDeutschland move out in late 1942.

The Face of Battle is a set of miniatures rules for conducting skirmish battles. Each set of rules covers a genre: World War Two, Modern Conflicts, Wild West, Horror and more. The scale is on-to-one. Each figure on the table represents one soldier or one vehicle. The Face of Battle is designed to be played with 15mm, 20mm and 28mm scale figures A player may typically control between 10 to 30 soldiers and 3 to 7 vehicles.

The game simulates the action that occurs during the peak of battle the moments of sheer terror, panic, bravery, and intense combat. The game is fast, fun and exciting to play. Players are always involved in the action during the game. The rules are very comprehensive, but easy to learn.

The Face of Battle is a tactical game that covers all aspects of skirmish miniatures gaming, from infantry to tanks, aircraft, equipment, raw to elite soldiers, combat, and more. The players command their forces with numerous combat, tactical and game options, utilizing skill rather than blind chance. Like soldiers on the battlefield, players make decisions under pressure.

This game is designed with a good balance of historical accuracy and game play.

The Face of Battle World War Two set includes German and Russian forces. The VC Expansion covers the Commwealth in World War Two. All American features the United States. The Face of Modern Battle covers many nations from 1950 to the present.

Some of the many unique cards used in The Face of Battle.

The Face of Battle uses special cards to indicate when a soldier or crew member may act. Each card represents one soldier or vehicle crew member. Each player will have a deck of cards that represents their forces. All players flip their cards at the same time. The soldier or vehicle crew member represented by the card can act: fire a rifle, move, toss a grenade, fire a tank main gun. Leaders order other soldiers into action using leadership cards. Other cards in the deck cover events, vehicle movement, mass movement for human waves, and more. The card system allows all players to be running the forces simultaneously. Players are always involved in the action throughout the game.

An M1 supports the attack in the Iraqi Desert near An Nasiriyah.

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