Nominated for 2001, 2002 and 2004 Origins Award
Best Historical Miniatures Rules
Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Designs


A friend of mine played it and thought they were marvellous.
-T. Marshall

I really like what I see. ...your layout and index made finding most things very easy. Three or four turns into the game, we started moving pretty quickly as we got used to the mechanics and how to look up results, cover, modifiers, etc. We both really like the grenade scatter rules and templates!
- J. Caudill

Just wanted to drop a note to say I loved the rules.
- C. Stirlen

I have played the light edition and immensely enjoy the game.
- S. Lile

I must say that TFoB is truly great and I cant wait for more supplements and expansions.
- S. De young

Just a note to let you know that I downloaded your rules set and am very pleased! It is a very comprehensive set that lends a "realistic" feel to the battle, yet flows smoothly and quickly. By far the best 1:1 scale game I have found. Kudos!
- D. Lowe

...was the most fun I've had playing a wargame in a long, long time.
- N. Fortier

One of the better skirmish rule sets I have played, can be simple to super detailed.

I just got my copy and it looks great. I haven't had a chance to play yet but they sound very sensible with both detail and a strong element of unpredictability. I also must note that their customer service is excellent.
- B. Velazquez