I hold in my hand the proof of the new scenario France 1940 book. Wow... does it look awesome. The new format is full colour front and back and is now perfect bound. I like the new format since it allows people to pick up the book and look though it. The old shrink-wrapped format was difficult for convention vendors and retailers as consumers could not browse the book. The interior layout is redone and the maps received a complete makeover. We spent a lot of time and money on new software and mapping programs. But we will not rest. We have a lot more to learn and can always improve. We at TFoB will continually strive to produce the best wargaming products and this new book is the beginning of fantastic things to come. Hopefully too, we can churn out more books of higher quality. Eventually the old releases will follow this new format.

This book marks the first time a print release and PDF version will be available simultaneously. PDF for gamers that want to print and bind in a format of their choice. Books for everyone else including stores, convention vendors, retailers and e-trailers. Also, the book will be simultaneously printed in North America and Europe to save on overseas shipping charges which means a reduced cost to the consumer.

We will now convert all the existing books to this new format and in time, we will release all products as PDF.

Let us know what you think of the new format, the interior layout and the maps. We are always looking for feedback from our players.