Hello everyone. Wow, it seams like years since I posted to The Face of Battle web site. Yes, I know… the HQ section was last update in 2001. So it was 4 years to be exact.

My topic of this inaugural post is the web site. First, I want to apologize for being so tardy in keeping the old web site up to date. In modern times, the web site is the front office to your company. And our front office was a little run down and out dated. It was basically an embarrassment. Hopefully we fixed that problem with the new site.

Instead of dwelling on the past, lets look to the future. So why and what has changed on the web site.

Content: At least 60% of the old web site content was carried over to this web site. A lot of good stuff was on the old site - just buried or improperly placed. The new content including rules questions and answers, the new and improved Designer HQ, player's corner, hobby sections, resource centres, introduction guides, demonstrations, and more. And that new content is growing all the time. We plan to include a lot more pictures in the articles.

Navigation: All the great content does nothing if you can't find it. The biggest thing we wanted to change was the navigation and organization. We might be fiddling with this over the next few months as we get feedback, but I think the new organization makes it easier to find things, groups items together and provides more room for everything. By room, I mean that almost every topic has its own page which allows us to put more pictures and talk more about one topic.

Frames: Are gone! We like the no frame approach. One of the greatest benefits is the fact we can explicitly link to a page. This helps when people ask questions on the Yahoo group or e-mail us with a query. We can also point shoppers directly to products.

Products: Yup. We have included all our releases. BTW, we are sure everyone is aware the modern rules are out. But what about the new books? Well, a dedicated new release page and an under development page to see what we're doing is a start. And each product's page has been expanded to included links to awards, reviews and supporting downloads.

News: We thought it would be nice to include news from the industry. So we hope to cover the latest terrain, figures and other developments in this global hobby.

Downloads: We have planned lots of new downloads. Keep checking the latest updates page for more information.

Hobby: Since I enjoy making terrain and building many accessories for the gaming table, look for this section for updates.

Finally, even with a new web site, it will quickly fall out-of-date if we do not update it. We promise to keep the site updated and fresh. Let us know if things are falling behind!