Well, it has been a long time since I posted to the HQ section of the old web site. The year was 2001 to be exact. See my post on the business section above regarding the old and new web site and our future plans for The Face of Battle.

Today I would like to discuss playtesting. The majority if our playtesting is done in-house. The second place we perform playtesting is at convention games run by our team. The final place we conduct playtesting is through e-mail. That is what I want to address. The first two playtesting situations gives us direct feedback in a controlled group of people. Playtesting via e-mail has a lot of disadvantages. Why?

We have run playtesting via e-mail for a number of years and find the return rate to be less than 10%. That is, for every 10 playtesters or playtesting groups, we get feedback from 1. On the same note, the amount of general and helpful feedback we receive is also very limited.

We are perplexed as to why this happens. Do playtesters and consumers think their opinions, criticisms and constructive feedback are not welcome? In this great era of print-on-demand, we can make changes right up to press time and then after press-time too! We have incorporated numerous changes and suggestions into our rules.

We have yet to figure out how to:
  1. get responsible playtesters
  2. get good feedback from playtesters
  3. get good feedback from consumers
The main advantage of playtesting through e-mail is that we are not present at the game. We get complete blind third party feedback. And sometimes the questions asked and loopholes found surprise even us!

So if you are on a playtesting team for The Face of Battle, please follow our playtesting guidelines and submit your results on time. Or you will be removed from the playtesting pool.

We have considered demo teams. But right now we do not have the time or resources to manage such teams. Do you? Lets us know.

We always appreciate our playtesters and any game feedback that makes our products better for everyone is welcome.

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