An interesting thing happened to me while playing TFoB. The Ottawa Miniatures Gaming club, where I playtest the game, holds meetings the first and third Sunday of the month at the local War Museum. We encourage people to stop in and watch the games. On one day in particular, I was playing a Canadian attack on a German position. The Canadian infantry was supported by Shermans. An elderly gentleman and his wife approached the table and quietly watched the game. After about 15 minutes the wife asked if he was ready to leave. He said "No, lets watch a little bit more". The game was fast and exciting with lots of great combat and tank action. After a half hour the man took some pictures and I approached him to explain the game. He said he was a veteran and saw combat in Italy. He mentioned something that made me very proud of TFoB "I have watched your game and the combat is exactly as it occurred. The tanks performed as I remember. That was very realistic. Thank you." No, thank you!