The Face of Battle Miniatures System is a family of rules for playing exciting skirmish battles using individually-based figures. The game gives you and your friends every opportunity to relive the excitement of famous military conflicts; from the Blitzkrieg in France, to the desert battles of North Africa, from the rubble of Stalingrad, to the beaches of Normandy, on to the jungles of Vietnam, and the dry heat of Iraq.

The Face of Battle game simulates the action that occurs during the peak of battle -- the moments of sheer terror, panic, bravery, and intense combat. The game is fast, fun and exciting to play. Players are always involved in the action during the game.

The The Face of Battle system is used for other gaming genres as well; wild west, horror, science-fiction and more.
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The Face of Modern Battle in PDF

The Face of Modern Battle has been released in PDF format.
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VC Expansion in PDF

The VC Commonwealth expansion has been released in PDF format.
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All American Expansion in PDF

The All American expansion has been released in PDF format.
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Faces of Horror
The Ultimate Movie Horror Miniatures Game

Enter the world of terror, dreams and death. An introduction to the Faces of Horror miniatures gaming system. Go here for all the latest news, events, rules, playtesting information, after action reports and more.
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AAR: Stalingrad - Above and Below

In October, 1942, the German Sixth Army launched their massive attack on the factory district in northern Stalingrad. During this time only the tough leadership and courage of the Soviet 62nd Army would keep the defenders hanging on. Players fight on two levels in the streets and sewers of Stalingrad.

Here are pictures of this exciting duel-level game from CanGames.
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Designer HQ: Ask Mike

A new feature called Ask Mike is now up. Mike answers game design questions.
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Tactics: Fire Lanes

A detailed look at fire lanes.
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Tactics: Missed Rules and Bad Play

A look at forgotten tactics during regular game play.
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Rules: New Morale

We felt the current morale rules in the original The Face of Battle WWII created too many counters and was a somewhat an overkill to what we were trying to achieve. In the Face of Modern Battle the morale rules were changed. Here we look at what was changed and why. Also, for those that have not purchased the modern rules, we offer the new morale section for download.
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